Good, Fast, Affordable… and??

There’s an old adage applied to theater, filmmaking, and many other production arts that goes something like, “Good, fast, cheap – pick TWO.” The implications are probably obvious to most who are new to this.  But, remember: you can’t have it all and something has to be sacrificed.

Now, having worked independently in nonfiction and marketing video production for nine years, I want to modify the old adage.


Wow, too good to be true, you might wonder? Also, what in the world is “evergreen”? Operating with a background in journalism, I know that “evergreen” applies to content that is valid to be shown almost any season, for a variety of purposes, for a variety of audiences. With my experience of working for a variety of clients, I have found ways of creating content that does satisfy this description and makes clients/businesses look good always. read more

Making Health and Medical Topics Come Alive!

(originally posted on LinkedIn on November 16, 2016)

Treatment of health and medical topics in non-fiction video can be challenging. A careful balance must be found between conveying the important details and protecting a patient’s privacy. Moreover, HIPAA and various other regulations can limit how much information may be legally shared.

Over the past few years, I have explored a variety of subjects in my work, ranging from medical devices to stories of individual patients and caregivers. Finding the right visuals to accompany important story details is part of the effective solution. Striking a balance between emotional connection and scientific relevance is another important component. read more

Creating Your Own Dream Project

(originally posted on LinkenIn May 4, 2016)

Sometimes we all get a little burned out from our usual grind, even if we are lucky enough to have work that doesn’t always feel like “work.” In this digital age, with all the possibilities for telecommuting and working remotely, there are few good reasons why we should constantly settle for not finding variety. Mix things up! Go to a new location to work for a few days! Think of a project which will (a) fulfill your professional ambitions, (b) show off some of your best skills, (c) excite you in the process, and (d) challenge you in new ways to find new capabilities.  This is what I did in 2014. read more