Responsible (and Effective) Storytelling (with Video)

What guides what we tell and what we owe to our subjects?

I’ve been thinking a lot about ethics in non-fiction video production and storytelling over the past couple of years, in particular. For a lot of people, video production means just setting up and pointing a camera, getting some good light on the subject and… Voilá! Put this clip next to that clip and you have a video! In reality, there are so many more levels to this than most of us realize. There are at least 4-5 different major software applications for editing, alone, with different values and variables for each. But one big component of video production which distinguishes elite producers from those still learning is ethics. (I know, I used to think ethics was boring, but it’s pretty exciting, actually!) This will probably be a multi-part (at least 2-part) series, so I will keep these posts fairly simple. read more

State of Things Radio Interview

I was delighted to be hosted on The State of Things, WUNC FM’s program regarding issues in the Triangle of North Carolina. For a third of the hour-long show in February 2015, I talked with Frank Stasio about my fellowship studying urban gardens in Barcelona, Spain.  For anyone interested in hearing what I sound like on radio, you can hear me HERE.

It seemed fitting to be interviewed in the United States, because I was previously interviewed in Spanish on RTVE in November 2014. (Being interviewed in English is a little less nerve-wracking.) read more