There’s an old adage applied to theater, filmmaking, and many other production arts that goes something like, “Good, fast, cheap – pick TWO.” The implications are probably obvious to most who are new to this.  But, remember: you can’t have it all and something has to be sacrificed.

Now, having worked independently in nonfiction and marketing video production for nine years, I want to modify the old adage.


Wow, too good to be true, you might wonder? Also, what in the world is “evergreen”? Operating with a background in journalism, I know that “evergreen” applies to content that is valid to be shown almost any season, for a variety of purposes, for a variety of audiences. With my experience of working for a variety of clients, I have found ways of creating content that does satisfy this description and makes clients/businesses look good always.

So, to recap: “We can get a video that’s three of the following: right, quick, affordable, or evergreen?” That’s right!  I’ll break it down a little more. I work mostly as a one-man-band, so I can control a lot of factors in a production.  That means that the person to whom you explain your concept is the person shooting, the same person editing, etc. And this allows me to keep costs down for most clients. (You don’t have to pay for a cameraman, director, and sound person – just one production whiz.)  Of course, this limits some of the scope of productions I undertake, but I can satisfy the needs of most clients. If you have a concept and a quick deadline, it might cost a little more, but we can accomplish a lot in a short time and make sure it’s hard-hitting in the ways you want! But, it’s rare that one aspect doesn’t have to be sacrificed just a little bit.

One recent client [Keona Health] wrote: “We had an unreasonable 1 week deadline from a business partner to create a video of our service for their customer website. Wil came through with an amazing video that looks as professional as videos I’ve seen that take a month. He took our challenge as his own, and worked evenings and weekends to get it done. I couldn’t be happier with the quality and dedication and will definitely be using him again.”

If you want to know more, drop me a line and let’s start working on ideas! Let’s have fun and get some great videos done!

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