Lately, I’ve been trying to figure out how to raise the proverbial bar on myself professionally.  The usual ideas tend to present themselves — learn new software, tackle new subjects, try to land bigger projects, stretch beyond the old comfort zone — but there’s something more that I need.  Everyone wants to create a viral video, with the instant exposure and cred that it brings.  “Cool” videos come in a variety of packages and flavors and everyone is looking for that one element that will set them apart.  Messaging and novel approaches to old problems come packaged in videos before they reach people in other ways.

No, what I am looking for is a new kind of hybrid.  It may be a start-up company that employs some of my best skills — problem-solving, visualizing, project management, delivering messages and products for people — or possibly a combination of media in a new format.  I have started writing a play about “political-science fiction” and have been finding inspiration in starting new documentary projects.  I’ve also been re-thinking strategy for how to market my skills and services to the local entrepreneurial leaders and enterprises.  The result of that planning will be seen shortly, probably with a new video on this site.

But evolution in the video and visual storytelling front doesn’t come easily.  And it usually doesn’t result from solo efforts.  At the very least, I am thinking hard on these ideas and looking for collaborators. I figure, if I work on it long enough and hard enough, results will come in time!  Onward!!

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